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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Those times when you say, let's go do something

Baby girl has been talking about this place called "HICCUPS".
It's one of those "hipster" kind of places. Where you go dressed up to be seen.
I had a Pure Peach Tea..a little strong on the peach syrup, but not bad.
Baby girl had some strawberry drink with a fancy name, also not bad.
Next time we just might try the food. 
Then we landed in PetSmart.
I always love to stand and watch the fish. I miss having a fish tank.
I now have three fish bowls. I should be happy with what I have and enjoy them.

I love this fish. I would put it in a tall fish tank so I could look up at it every day.
After taking this picture, they told me I couldn't take pictures of their animal's.
Oh so if I pulled out my cell phone I could walk around taking selfies and random odd pictures, but since I took out my NIKON I can't take a picture.
Well, Long Beach Town center PetSmart, I won't be coming back to your store, it's just not friendly to me. And do you treat your pets like you treat your customers? 

Then I walked into Barnes & Noble, and listen to the loop of Christmas music along with some strange cafe music. Not my choice.
Then I found this page of someones journal.
I love what she did with her thoughts. 

Then I came home and made some oat meal cookies just for fun. I love this plate.

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