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Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1st...Day of the dead

November 1st. is a day to remember Sydney Ramirez in the saddest ways.
This memory plaque is at the crosswalk where she was sadly hit by a car walking to Kennedy High school, on a dark morning.
For a while there was always flowers on this pole that was put up in her memory. Sadly, time has gone on and this site has been just a picture of a beautiful girl with her smile that looks onto the tennis courts of the school she didn't get to graduate from.
This is the park that she hung out at, or that is what I have been told by my kids who weren't her friends.

She was hit on a Monday morning. The Friday before I had stopped at the crosswalk for other kids and the car behind me tapped my bumper from going to fast.
But, on Monday morning I had dropped off my kids and turned out of the parking lot and I then saw the sadness that would change a families life forever.
The motor cycle cop who sat in the small parking lot in front of this cross walk was already by her side holding her hand. Her friend was running on the sidewalk crying. Sydney was laying on the street with her shoes off and a small smile on her face, with her eyes looking up to the sky. As I slowly passed by, I could see that she was ready to go to heaven.  The lady who had hit her was standing alone crying what confusion in her eyes.  I didn't know what to do. Should I stay and help this lady of go on?  I choose to go on.  I texted my kids that a girl had gotten hit in the crosswalk.  They already knew. The news went fast in this high school in a small town.

It has been five years now, but there isn't a day I think before going down this street.  If I do find myself driving on it, I stay on the right side of the road, because I don't want to drive over where I last saw her.
I made this little card to put with the flowers I left on this pole.
This accident changed me in a big way. My kids have all graduated from this school, I was lucky that they didn't get caught up in drugs, hang out in a park because that was the place to be, or had to cross a street that was unsafe.
My kids said to me, Why do you bother doing this? Because I will never for get her face, her thin body laying feet away from where she was last walking. That is why I did it.
My card says..
We never met but, I will always remember the morning I saw you looking to the heavens.
You were ready to say good bye.
So many miss you, now so many have someone looking after them with a smile. Years pass But, you are not forgotten.
I just hope those who knew her will understand that I did this because I am a Mom who loves her kids and am so sad for her Mom.

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