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Friday, November 13, 2015

Baking mistake

Lemon Strawberry Pound cake, sounds safe enough for anyone to make.  I guess not in my kitchen.
I put all the ingredients out so beautifully.
I thought I knew what I was doing. 
To zest a lemon, well, I have a cheese grater..I'm working on getting the right tools.
But it looks like it did the job.
I should have turned the plate around, love these plates. 
Mix in three different bowls.
My Mom would have loved to see I'm using her bowls and loaf pan.
Sometimes you are given things that you use everyday but, when they become part of the picture they seem so much more part of your childhood. 
I'm thinking this is where I went wrong. I think I shouldn't have used so many strawberries on top.  I think the heat couldn't get in.  But, the bottom did good. 
Now for the whole truth.
I failed at this one, truly a failure here.
But it was a great day to bake.
When I plated it up I put it on a plate that looks like a sign that says..STAY
I scooped the top off and it was tasty.
You could really taste the lemon. 
So this what we do know
   1) I can stir or mix well.
    2) I have a loaf pan
      3) I have an oven that heats
But, somewhere in between I just need to go easy on those strawberries.

I hope Jodi doesn't laugh to much when she see's that I destroyed one of her easy to make pound cakes.  She makes some really easy cookies, I'm going to try and make those next.
It's funny but, my kids ate this and said, keep the strawberries off next time.
Don't let this stop you from trying it.
Happy baking, :) Myra

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