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Monday, November 2, 2015

A soup mistake

Here is the start of a bowl of soup.
It looks simple and tasty.
All I had to buy was the broth, apple cider, half & half, butternut squash, onion and garlic.
It wasn't to expensive. 
I know, why don't I have a pretty book..well, its just not that important.
I found this on someones blog. 
Cutting this butternut squash wasn't that easy and I got out the big knife.
It smelled really good. 
I really wasn't sure how to cut it into chunks and peel it too. 
This is how it ended up.
That knife is my all time favorite.
It was my mom's and I remember using it as a kid now it's mine for my kitchen. 
I added the cut up onions.
Then put in the olive oil. 
I baked this a little more time, more like 30 minutes.
Looking at it now, I should have just plated this and served it.
But I put it in the blender and added all the ingreds.
It really made a lot, well more then I was expecting. 
This is it.
I can honestly say this is not my favorite soup.
It was like baby food.
Maybe I just don't like pumpkin as much as I thought I did.
The clean up was awful and I won't do this again.
But don't let this disaster stop you from trying something new.
My kids had ideas for this like maybe more butter.
This went down the sink....sorry. But, worth the try

I found this on cincyshopper (.) com   She calls this Copycat Panerna Autumn Squash soup.
I hope you find it and try it too.
Happy cooking!

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