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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Learning about circles with Alisa

I found this blog called Alisaburke.
You know me always looking for something fun and different to do.
So you start with a circle and magic will happen! 
Then you add circles around the circles.
I really lost myself in this.
Even with the washer going I was in a zone. 
Then I tried to make this amazing flower with a leaf.
I hope with some color it will pop.
The bottom is learning some new type of doodling I guess you call it.  I like it. 
I had to put a little personality into the top of the page.
Like in school, I could never just write my name in the top right corner with the date, it always needed a little

Now after I get my life chores done I will sit and color this in...the skies the limit!
Can you feel my excitement!!!
 Have a fun Sunday.

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