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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just a little busy

Hello my blog.  I feel like the worst friend who hasn't stopped by to say HI!.
Well, I have been lucky enough to be working. Today was my 24 day in a row and I worked another 10 hours's. Yes, I am behind at everything, but I will work on Saturday and then take Sunday off to catch up.  You are probably thinking just like me, will my check be worth it?  Well, any extra cash is so welcomed. I can't wait to sit and make a card or do something in my journal book, maybe bake something, I have a new plant and I am hoping it will bloom so I can show you.
Halloween isn't as much fun with grown kids, and I live on a street where last year I only had about five kids.  I'm thinking about going to a friends house to hand out candy with her.
I had nine people stop by this blog yesterday and nothing was new so I feel really bad.  Thanks for stopping by I will get back to doing something to post.
I was reading about blogs and they are "web logs", so that is what I'm doing!hahahaha.
Time changes on Sunday so that is "fall back" I guess I have no excuse not to sit and do something.

Question of the day, If you could go to dinner with any 2 people who would they be?
You must use full sentences and more then five complete thoughts. This is what I found on a blog, now this is some homework.

Have a great week, I will be back with something fun to share.

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