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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hi again! a few things that happened while I went to work

We had one of those moon passes over the sun things.  I took this at 4 am when I was leaving for work. 
This is in the parking lot of where I work..45 mins later.  It really went quick. 
Halloween showed up on a Friday so my pumpkin master did this..looks so cute. With the warm weather we have in CA it didn't last to long. 
She made this on too.  So cute to drive up to the house and be welcomed by some art. 
I love them together! 
The candy I handed out to about 12 kids.  I don't live in the greatest neighborhood as you can tell. 
So there was more for me to eat! 
Baby girl was a little bored on day and found the box of chalk.
I use to do this as a kid too.
Always wrote my name I guess I wanted everyone to know where I was...hahaha 
She makes pretty flowers, guess she gets it from me..haa hahh
This is her master piece.  All through high school I could always find this guy in her scraps of notes. Gotta love the "ears", I never knew he had a name.
When the owner of this house doesn't pay the water bill, I don't water the lawn so this is what it looks like. Everyone parks in front of my home, don't know where they go but, they always park here.
It looks like I always have company. 
This is the street, the house next door it the prettiest one on the street.  They had a fire so they rebuild it and made it so beautiful. He drives a "Z" because he doesn't have to pay child support any thats the child support car...hahahaha. Some guys say the oddest things about being a father, but his wife is the greatest friend to have, if it wasn't for her being so nice I think I would move. 
Look what I bough for me self!!!
Now I just have to put them on me feet and go for a walk.
I started walking at first break at work, thats 7 am. Its not so bad, I just miss listening to my radio show for 15 mins, they make me laugh.

Thats about sums up what I have been doing.
I worked 34 days straight and today is my day off. It didn't give me much time to do much.  Now that November starts with "no" maybe I should say NO.

I started this blog the weekend of Thanksgiving last year..A year goes by so fast.  You have learned that I don't follow through with things for me, I work a lot of over time, I still haven't  gotten the hang of my camera, my kids are the only thing that matters in my world, I have a lot of dead ppl in my life, I have one good friend that lives next door, I still haven't done one new thing a week, but, I still smile and check out others blogs to get ideas on what to do in my life, I have taken a journaling class on line and did o.k., now I need to pull out that sewing machine and make a few things that caught my eye, baby girl and I went a few fun places, so it's been a pretty good's crazy how all of my kids are out of high!
The next 12 months I will try to do better.
Thanks for always stopping by, even if I haven't been around.
Keep smiling, you aren't fully dressed without it!!!

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