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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's a Oct. 2 birthday card

This was so fun to make.  Like always I found it on you tube.
Cut a 5 x 12 piece of card stock.  Score 2 1/2" mark on the 5" side then put that mark in the groove of your cutter and the other corner at the other end of the cutting groove and it make this perfect slant. Then score at 4" & 8" and fold.

My cousin birthday is Oct. 2.  My mother always sent her a card every year on time.  Since my has been gone I have tried so hard to send her a card and most years it is always late.
But, I got my crafting groove on today. 
 This was easy, the banner is a sticker, along with the circles and the 2.  Making it easy!
I cut out the paper for the cup cake.
Its not my favorite look, it looks a little artsy for her but its cute all the same. 
I worked on this on to make the paper say all the right things in all the right spots..the things we do...crazy.  But, it did turn out the way I wanted.

I made something like this before but taller.
I found a few other things I want to try.  I took the day off and did things for me along with wash and making breakfast lunch and soon dinner!!
So happy to have this day off.  It will hurt my budget but some times you just have to go for it.

I didn't do to good on the Photo a Day project.  I really need to get out the direction for the camera and maybe the pictures will turn out better for me.
It's already another month gone by.  I'm going to get a few things done this month that make me happy.  I already started today by taking the day off.  I have some sleep in me and more then a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..those are really getting old.
Keep smiling. It takes time to grow an amazing friend like you!

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