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Friday, September 26, 2014

Concertina Fold birthday card

Just a little something I found to make a birthday card just a little different.
This wasn't that hard to make.
12 X 12 card stock cut into three pieces. Cut at 4" then score at 21/2, 5, 71/2 & 10. Then one of the stripes cut it at the 10" line.
You now have two 4 X 12 and one 4" X 10.
Make mounthains and valley and put them together in a long line. 
I cut out a Martha S. punch and put it on the front & back too.
I should have matted this first page and second pages..oops!
I love how I put 22 with rhinestones, love the look.

I started with the "A", really didn't know where I was going with this project. How do you make this cute little book look good for someone who is 22.
She loves purple and orange so that was a must have.
The sunglasses are so her along with the sandals.
The orange rhinestones might be a little to much but that is how I went.
This is where I got stuck with an idea.
The one candle looks out of place but it needed a birthday page I thought.
I love the "X" with the one rose.

These are my favorite two panels.
The "I" is a little lost in with the butterflies but, I loved it.
The "S", what can I say, love the fuzzy flowers.

This page was a work of love, that is all I'm going to say.
You know those art pieces that you think are going to work out and then they stick to your finger, then to the table. And when you get it the way you think you like it, it looks slanted, or just a little off.
I worked to make the date around the presents, I guess it's okay.
Love the back page with the birthday punch. I'm going to play with it some more to master that punch.

All so pretty.
When you give a girl a pretty name you must do it right.
I named both of my daughters the right names.  I made the best choice and I have fun making things to see those letters come to life, just like them.
This daughter is full of fun and speaks her mind, stepping on feeling isn't what she worries about.
Gotta love a red head!!
This is how it looks all folded up.
You can see the size better and my wood floor and the sofa..haha..really need to work on where to take pictures.

This was a fun project.
I can see myself making more and then making then more of a photo album.

I talked to my daughter and she loved it, that always makes you feel good.

All this from "You Tube", from the crafty Owl UK.  She's amazing.

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