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Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's so hard to believe that twenty two ppl came to read my blog today! 22 
That's a big wow for me.  Who know that it was possible.  I know I love to go blog hopping on Sunday morning when everyone is still sleeping.  Its the best reading I do all week long. The most interesting things that ppl put on their blog I find on a quiet Sunday morning. People tell the greatest stories, show the best pictures and have the best hobbies all over the world. I feel like I go on a journey with them and they don't even know I'm there. I just need to remember to write down their blog name so I can go back and see what they have done the next week.  I'm sure there is a way of going back but, I just haven't found it.  But maybe thats a good thing to keep moving on and don't go back.
That would be another thing I could put on here, what I learned from another blog and write the blog so you could go read it too.
That is one thing I don't have in my life is someone who is into blogs. I have nobody to tell these stories too.
It's way past my bed time.
Have the greatest week and I will find some pictures to take for the Photo a Day project I'm lacking on.

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