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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My journaling & Photo a Day

I'm excited about these two pages!
I started with the boarder, then wrote "What makes you smile". Got out the oldest stamp I have. I'm pretty sure this was the first stamp I bought, so I stamped it three times...threes a good number.
If you know me you will find my top favorite things..sunglasses, lotto tickets, roses, quotes, cup cakes and being American! I also put in my hearts, no art work is complete without a few random hearts.
 day 5 of Photo a Day!
It's Sept. 5th, Special K 26th birthday.  I said I need a upside down picture so he helped me out.  Gotta love a son with a great sense of humor.
He loves the "Duck's" of Anaheim, so I found so material to make a table cloth.
I was a great day and a good dinner with a car chase on the news to follow.  The only thing he said that was missing was a
day 7 of Photo a  Day...Father.
Since my Dad is in heaven and this rainbow showed up from some odd afternoon showers...I decided that a rainbow was perfect for Father. 
day 9...Orange
I love this flower its called bird of paradise.
These aren't mine, they are in a parking lot of a shopping center.

As you can see I missed a few photo's. 6th is "I need"..I really don't need anything so I don't have a photo.  Day 8 is broken and I have a broken dryer but, who cares about those problems.
Tomorrow is do you take a picture of that?
Hope you are doing good with your photo's and finding things you never thought were something to stop and look at.
I have a project to make with an old tee shirt, cant wait to get out the scissors.

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