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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy 25th Birthday Nick

I put together some of my favorite candy and four bags of chip for this fun gift.
I started with a square foam block, I taped the chips to it and then put the candy on sticks.
I'm calling this the front of it.
Somehow I like this side better. 
I put a Twix sideways to cover up the hole.
This was fun and really easy.
It's about a $7 gift, not bad.

Nick is worth so much more. He does so much at work that is so unnoticed that it makes me mad.
He is very quiet and extremely polite, when you get him to smile you finally get to see that he is a lot of fun. Gotta love a guy with a great smile!

Somehow the computer decided to work.It's almost like a ghost got on and took all of the energy out of it.
This house is so odd and now my internet is a mess.

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