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Monday, October 19, 2015

My heart is sad

On October 15, the world lost a great man, my better then a brother, better then an uncle, our friend for life, DON.
He has been in my life since the day I was born. Our fathers where friends from the start, his parents became my God parents. All through the years of my life he has been there for me with all the things I did right and with all the things I really did wrong. He never put me down for any of it.  He hugged me and loved me like I was his little sister. We laughed together and had those long talks that made me know..I had him on my side for life. 
He loved my kids like they were his own. Each one of them always got to spend time with him, from fishing, to cooking, to learning about guns and we won't forget how he taught us all how to fold a perfect bath towel. 
No family is complete without the love of that one special family member, who you know, you can turn to in your happy times and sad times, that member was our DON.
He loved us all equally, he was there when we were born to when we graduated from school. Miles never stopped him from being by our side.
Sadness has taken us to our knees this week. Tears have filled our faces. Memories and stories have been told about times with him that we will never forget.
I truly do not know how to say how I'm feeling other then empty. I am lost for words. This will take a lot of time to heal my heart from losing my greatest life supporter.
This picture shows how happy he was to see his favorite little girl graduate. This is the image I want to remember of him.  The happy man who loved life, put is life on the line for his country, was a great family man and let's not forget his courage at teaching my kids how to
I didn't say good bye to him because we always said "I love you".
My heart is sad, not only for me but, for my kids who miss him so much too.
Our lives are better because he touched our heart and our souls.

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