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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Laugh, Create! Smile

 Just a few more reasons to bring out that box of paper and make some fun cards to send out.
I'm really trying to send a card a day in this whole month.
The easy part is making them.
The hard part is who to send them too.
I pulled out my box of cards from some pen pals I've had in the past.  Do I send them a card and say..Oh Hello there remember me?

I wish this picture was better, I love these flowers. 
The things you can do with a punch.

I went out to our Farmers Market today, yes it's on a Sunday.
I met the nice's crafter there.  She has some amazing sign's, scarf's, those fun albums and jewelry that she hand makes. Her booth was in the middle of this open air market, I thought it was a great spot.
As I was talking to her, others were coming up and looking around.  I hope she made some money today!
I know what your thinking, I want to help her by making some things for her to sale.  You do know me so well.  I really want to make some of my fun things for her to put on her table and see what happens with them.  I'm always the one who wants to help someone out. Anything to help someone make extra money.
I don't have the gut's to do what she is doing but, to make something that I do for the fun of it would really make me feel good inside.

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