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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's read...FIrsts by: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

I have seen a few reviews on this book and it caught my, wanna be a bad girl, eye.
Remember those books when you where say, in jr. high, that you wanted to pick up but, knew you just better let those wild girls read them. I really think this is one of those books.  
Now that I'm older I can pick up any book and not look over my shoulder and put it in my hands and read the inside cover, back cover and look at the cover with a whole different want.
I really didn't need to buy this book but, I couldn't find it in the library so, I took my naughty girl money and bought it and before I walked away from buying it..I put it in my purse so nobody could see that I bought
I know it sounds funny but I guess I still have that good girl image to hold on too.  Or maybe it's age, I don't want others to think I'm reading some kid book. But, I am reading a YA book.  We will see what the whole meaning of this book really means.
If you can keep a secret its really about a girl who teaches boys to be good with there girlfriends, well, you know what I mean. She takes away their first times to be with her so she can help them have big ego's.
I remember in high school, I had one of these friends.  I couldn't understand why she thought having a million guys names in her phone book was so important.  Just seeing her kiss that many guys at school I would have thought guys wouldn't have wanted to be her next victim. The stories she told made me say no thank you to all of it. She talked openly about things I had no idea what she was saying.  I had a guy friend in my life who I could ask what I heard and he would tell me. Oh my yuck, that is what I said about it.  
I love the cover of this book.  We all know I pick up a book for it cover! 

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