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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Note on my car

When leaving a note on a car, best advice, make sure it for the person you want it for, not someone who you don't know!
I am struggling with a note I found on my car.  It's small, but the words are big. 
As I took it off of my windshield wiper, I wasn't expecting it to be so awful.

It said, "You are going to hell".

What? Who me? You got the wrong car. After recovering from the air leaving my lungs in a shock, I looked around.  As if to find someone who left this. What would this person look like anyways?
I looked at my car and thought, it's clean, well loved and parked good. Who would think to pick me?

Now all I want to do is find every color of post-it note pads and write every happy thought I can think of and leave them all over my town, next to every car I park next too. On every bench I pass walking in the park.

My feelings are so hurt.  I feel the need to go out and spread happiness.

I know happiness starts at home and that is why I am on a hunt for a new place to live.  We all have a story and mine is not one I like to share.  Now with this note I found, it gives me another reason to go out and do better, be stronger and find the positive in life.

Life can only get better!

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