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Saturday, February 20, 2016

A tasty treat for me

You know those stores that suck you in by the smell or just all that fun girl stuff.  Yes, that store you go into and play with make-up, spray your self with perfume you can't afford and then find some bottle that catches your eye with those words or the favor of a vacation you will never get to go on.  That is what happen to me when I saw these two bottles.  It's that lime and kiwi that will wash away my bad mood and hit me with that sweet smell of nuts.
I'm a sucker for a great smell and that is what I will get every time I open these two bottles.

Did I need these?  Of course not but it was Friday night and what else can I do when I have a few dollars in my wallet and I have already had a great meal at home.
I will find the happiness in these bottles like a long needed vacation on the sands of a far away place where the sounds are like that song that starts me singing along.
Now I can wake up and jump in to that shower and find myself in a dream that ends when the hot water starts to become cold as ice.
Happy weekend with a great sweet shower!

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