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Sunday, February 7, 2016


In my kitchen is a white board.  It has traveled from house to house with me.
It leans up against the refrig. in this house, due to no other place for it.
This board has a way of catching your eye.  You walk next to it as you walk into the kitchen, so it is an open invite to write on it.  The pens are in a container above the board.
My wonderful daughter has been putting a quote a week on this board lately.  I guess going to college helps her express herself more or makes you think more.
What ever the case is, I have some new reading to do weekly now! Today I found this...and thought I would share it with you.

People say Go Big or Go Home, as if going home is a bad thing.  Like Hell Yeah I'm going home and I'm taking a nap when I get there!

I guess I have made this house more comfortable then I thought, I'm happy that she like's home and knows where she can nap!

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