Through Myra's Eyes

Monday, July 21, 2014

Share a Coke with Kevin !!!!!

So excited to find this Coke bottle.
I'm on a mission to find all six of us.
I put the days that the Ducks played last season behind this bottle because that is Kevin's favorite team.
I hope I can find my name, its not that popular so it might be a long shot.  I not sure I will find "Queenie's" name either.  I found Crash D's but it was on a black bottle with Coke zero, not the one I want.
Coke's new summer promotion it to find your name.

Good Luck to all of you finding your name.


  1. I've yet to find mine!! It wasn't on the list this time but there is a website where you can check so I know i'm on it this time ;-P

  2. I'm sad, they don't make my name. There is a billboard on the freeway and I saw my daughters name on exciting!! A freeway is like autobaun..where you drive
    You and I should do our own Summer of Color, we could make atc..that would be fun!