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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer of Color #6

 My little creation for the last of Summer of Color.
I had fun making this one. I took my punch, three pieces of paper raspberry, tangerine and a little yellow, along with my stickles and some glue and this is what happened!!
Not bad for doing wash and making a project all in one.
This has the same colors for this challenge but, I don't really think it has that wow you took some time on this look.  But, it will be something to put in my box when I need a quick card to thinking.

All in a days
I live in the smallest house in CA.  This washer is in the kitchen, next to the kitchen table.  SO I use it as a table a lot of time and it works well for a crafting stop too.  

I had fun making two things for the Summer of Color challenge. Everyone has amazing idea's that they did, I will really need to practice before next summer comes along to be part of this fun project. This was so much fun!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


  1. the first one is quite a cute creation and the colors combination is just perfect.

    visiting from SOC, have a wonderful dya.

  2. Thank you, come back anytime.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Cindy...this was a fun project, wish it was longer!

  4. Your cards are so beautiful and such a great way to used this week's colors, Myra! It has been so much fun following you through the SOC this year! HUGS!!!!

    1. Thank you Sharon, wish I could use my camera as well as you use yours!! I'm going to quietly check your blog and hopefully learn a few things to do for this blog of mine. I have promised myself to learn 52 new things in 52 weeks...wish me!

  5. Replies
    1. Everyone is sad to see SOC go away so soon, you are loved!

  6. This is really lovely!! You got the colours just right they make me smile :-)

  7. Thank you, I still haven't sent it to anyone..I'm still want to keep it as a prize I