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Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy envelope

So excited to receive this in my from Jean at pushing the envelope.I made a comment on her blog and she sent this to excited.
When I open up my box, I said OMG, No way! 
I didn't even care if someone heard me because getting mail from someone I don't even know (who I enjoy looking at her blog every day), is worth making some noise over...don't you agree?
Now I am going to get out my pens and paper and practices these letters.  Love how she wrote MYRA.

I have a new project to do so, Im off to make a purse with three color', royal blue and a dash of  baby blue for a project with Summer of Color.  I found it on someones blog and so I'm off to get with the program.
Wish me luck.

Happy birthday to my Dad.  He would have been 93.  If I could have only had that many years with him. Time helps use move on and find ourselves and memories help us keep them next to us.  He would be so happy that I have put art into my life.

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