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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Me: A to Z

I found this fun way to describe here goes!

A: animals....2 Betta fish
B: bike or bus.. my purple bike
C: cake or pie..cake (I love to make them)
D: day of choice..any day I can spend with my kids.
E: essential item..Maybelline Great lash (love lashes)
F: favorite color...aqua
G: grapes or grapes
H: habit...saying hello to strangers
I: favorite indulgence...McD french fries
J: January or July...July time to bbq
K: kids...Special K, Queenie, Crash D, Princess P, &
                        Bonus Daughter
L: life isn't complete without...sunshine and sand
M: money or motherhood...ez one always motherhood
N: nick name...My
O: organized? always looking for something
P: place you want to visit...taping of Wheel of Fortune 
Q: quiet?...gotta say no, I love chaos 
R: reason to smile...I have a job, place to live & amazing 
                                kids, my life is good.
S: season of choice...Summer, longer days are fun
T: talent...can move big, middle & baby toe at the same time 
U: unknown fact about me...I love to watch the movie Juno
V: vision in 5 run a marathon
W: worst habit...leaving dishes in the sink 
X:  xoxo means? you are someone I care about
Y: your favorite food...bread with butter
Z: zodiac sign...Cancer, June 26  

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