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Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo A Day Week 11

Week 11 is that possible?
Some days I am really struggling on this due to...
over time, over thinking the theme and looking to see what others have done and they have done what was on my list.
Must over come the worry of not taking great pictures.  This is to be fun not a chore.
March 9: Make
I made this candy vase for Marixa at work, she is now time flies.
She gave herself a birthday gift of "blue" hair.  I like it but the haters at work haven't been to nice. 
March 10 Floral
These are from Princess P prom.
They were so beautiful and his were nice too. 
March 11:Happy Place
Stamping on a table is my happy place.
I played with this stamp and made a really cute card after a few goof ups. It's that what crafting is all about? 
March 12:Details
I found this in the art section at the county fair and tried to figure out what the words where all about. I never got it. Her lips are better in person, the different grays make it pretty.

March 13; Color   March 14 : favorite   March 15: Small
Not sure what I should do for today and favorite could be my nail polish lined up. I would put my kids pictures up but, every one knows they are my favorite.  Small is a challenge for me.

It's been a busy week.  I guess it started last week with me working Sunday. I have worked 12 days straight and I will work again tomorrow. Do I love my job or the money.  Honestly, I really like both, it makes it easier to go in when I get to have a few laughs in the day with the silly kids I work with.
I also found a house for rent on Myra Ave. I found out it got rented before I got to go inside, Oh well, maybe next time. I will keep looking..yes, I want to move so bad.  It will happen.
Thanks for stopping in, I had 125 ppl look yesterday..WOW and Thank You!!
Have a great weekend.

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