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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March 1st. 2015

This how my garden grows!
These are gladiolas I planted last year in this ugly flower pot and look they came back!!
My excitement might not need to be so happy but, I really haven't done much to this pot and it is doing so good all alone.
Getting back to my garden is somethings this sad house really needs.
I went looking for another house to live in on Friday but, the two places I looked at where way over my rent limit. I just don't want to pay another months rent here but, it looks like I'm not looking to hard at getting out of this dump hole. I hope this isn't considered depression because I don't need another problem to solve.

I have had 1701 ppl look at this blog!! That makes me so excited.  I really need to work harder on making it a lot better if I have someone coming to look.
Another new month, another reason to start a challenge.  I'm still working on photo a day. This next week is hard but I will try.
SO..I have my nails painted.
I wrote a letter to my friend Madison.
I have been here today.
I bought and wrapped a wedding gift for Special K, that wedding is next Saturday, just need a card.
That is four things done, lets see what I can do for tomorrow.
Have a great Monday.
Keep smiling it is working for you!!

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