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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Steps in Culver City, Ca

I had a Saturday off and went for a hike!!
I heard about the step in Culver City, but when you get there its called Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.
We parked on the street and took off up these three steps into the dirt. 
This is the sign that is behind the wall on the top picture.
At this point you cant see the steps, so you take off up this dirt path or into the high grass.
I took the choice. 
This is the map of where I was off too.
I didn't really need a map, it is wide open paths on this hill. 
I thought I would enlarge this sign.
I love the CA. Poppy flower...someone was thinking when they designed this sign. 
 A little more info
Found the steps!
They go straight joke.
I was at the bottom looking up knowing I came to walk them and not quit.
We took off along with others who where in good shape and also those who going slower then me.
Who thought this one up??
It was a beautiful day to be here and so glad we drove 45 mins to do this. 
This picture is to show you that these are stone and they all have different height so the challenge is on!
Not quit to the top and you find this 375 feet above sea level stone, with a circle of other thoughts around it. 
 No sure why this was needed but I had to take a picture of it any ways.
This is the last 50 feet before the top of the steps.
It has a nice brick wall for sitting and taking in the view.
The TOP..made it.
Now the question we walk down the steps or go down the safe path??
Yes I did the safe path and enjoy it so much more. I found a great place to enjoy the view and found the learning center. 
The path down.
Found the fire dept. coming up the hill to take a break. 
 California at it best..a little smoggy and a few odd clouds.  You can also see how building are very close together.  Yes my cement world.
This is the path I took..I was waiting for a snake to come out but I didn't see one...lucky me!! 
I guess they have signs for people who want to get eaten..who knows.
Can you tell we haven't had rain for a while??
I was looking out from a great spot and notice this rainbow. Now I need to find out what it is for.
This is a learning center and I sat in this area to rest under a tree and feel the breeze.
Also drink some water. 
This gives you the idea of who comes here and you can come alone.
This is a planter I had to take a picture of it...see the metal pieces on the sitting spot?
These are put there so the skate boarders cant grind and put wax on the wall and make a mess.
If you didn't live where there are so many hobbies you wouldn't understand why they are added. 
I had to take a picture of this bench.
She looked like she was waiting for someone. 
And he missed but it does look like missed connections..hahaha. 
This is hard to under stand but where the writing is it called a ditch, this is where rain water goes from the streets.  Someone wrote "Prom?:  meaning they were asking to take someone to the prom.
Here in CA kids get creative on asking someone to a dance. 
When you are at the top you take silly pictures.
My hair looks like I went through a wind
It was a great day I am glad we went.
You can find this on by googling it at Culver City in California.
Our next place will be in Santa Monica, they have steps too.

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