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Monday, March 9, 2015

I got mail from my Post Crossing

A card from Jenna!
I found her on Post Crossing..I really don't understand how that site works.  So I picked someone with similar like.
Jenna has really pretty writing, she hasn't been to California so, you know me I will find things to send her, and I really love this card.
This card has really pretty color.
It is by Jody Bergsma, she lives in Bellingham,WA.
This painting of a swallowtail butterfly, which has just emerged from its cocoon, portrays the spirit and wonder of emergence and new beginnings.  The fairy on the butterfly's back invites us to ride the winds of change, accept life's natural flow, shed the old, and come into the new.  Metamorphosis is the magic of life.
That's what is written on the back.
You can find her work at bergsma(dot) com

I need to get my stamps out and make a pretty card for Jenna.
I hope you can see the excitement in my words for receiving a card.  Sometimes words can't always express happiness.
It was a good day, hope your day was just as good!

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