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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A letter to..Lovely Handwritten Notes

I found this blog called: Lovely Handwritten  Notes on tumblr.
So I thought why not write to this person who lives in the snow of D.C. 
Since I have a P.O.Box its safe.
Remember I'm trying to do 52 new things in this year so this is stepping out of the box and handwritting a letter to a stranger.
I decided to use that easy stamp that makes a pretty card and gets my craft on.
I added the hearts well, to tell you the truth, its covering up a mistake of some bad flowers.  But, I think it looks good.  It's still the month of Feb. its heart month.
The blue bird gives it the out doors look...hahaha.

I also found another man who is writing a letter a day for the whole year.  I'm going to send him a card too.
I know I should just write to my own friends!

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