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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feb.2015 Photo-A-Day..let me show you what I have done!

Feb.1: On my plate
This is what I had to eat while I watched the 
Super Bowl Game. 
This is my ugly mail box with mail that needs to go back to sender.
This is in front of the cemetery where some of my friends call home. 
This is my locker at work and my bestest buddy came back to leave some of us notes and I got mine right on my locker.  I was so excited! 
Feb.5:something blue
Some of my favorite things. Yes, that is my cell phone.
I would love to stay at this amazing hotel.

Feb.8:In my bag
Remember when I found this at the county fair. 
It takes alot of energy to walk 3 miles a day but, I am doing it! 
Feb.10:This inspires me
These are my favorite craft tool. You can see I have used them for ever! 
Feb.11: On the wall
can't go wrong with some great art. 
I love this picture.
I started with one of my plants and then found these. 
Girl Scout cookies, these only come out once a year and how can you say no? 
This was fun to make.
But I think I put up the three bottles of Coke with my kids names on them.
Oh well. 
My parking spot, not my favorite spot but, its all mine. 
Feb.16:From where I stand
A girl can never have enough Almay.
I always have fun making my eyes look amazing! 
Every day I text my daughter "Good Morning" with a little fun or haha along with it.
You can also see I read Oprah too.

I had fun looking for these photo's, I'm getting better at finding things with every week that passes.
It's going to be Thursday, a week goes fast with Monday being a holiday and taking off Tuesday because it was needed!
Thanks for stopping by.

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