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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day 2015

Happy Valentines Day!
I made this from a thin metal tin, you can use chalk to write on it.  But, sine I put this out on my friends grave I used white nail polish.

I have the best daughter ever. She went outside after I went to bed to pick these from my only rose bush.
When I woke up I could smell roses and found them on the kitchen excited.

Got a little crafty here.
I found these..lets call them french fry Michael's.  I bought "happy valentine " ribbon and some heart spongy stickers and put these together, then put in some candy.
I think my kids were only excited about finding out what kind of candy they got.  It really holds alot of candy. 
My kitchen table.
I also bought them some fun gifts.
I got Princess P a Bose speaker that is that cool teal color, Danger D got wheels for his long board and Special K got a controler for his playstation. They were all excited.  
Somehow I always make Valentine gifts better then xmas.
On the left you can see the metal heart container, I'm going to put a light in it when it gets dark and light up my table.

I have today off, only because I wanted yesterday off and like always didn't get it off. So I had to beg for today off and it!
It's a really pretty day here, I'm going to go take a walk, day 14 for this exercise program..shhh don't tell anyone but it looks like I have 7 pounds off so far...yeah!
I also have Monday off for Presidents Day. I hope to get some crafting done along with some reading.  I've been listen to a "playaway" and it stopped working so, now I want to know what happen at the end of the story, got the book from the library.
I have a friend who is doing a Wrecked Journal..I'm going to look for one of those, it looks like fun.  Maybe Princess P will do a few pages with me.
I have been doing pretty good with my Photo-A-Day, I just need to put them up here so you can see them too.  On the group that I join on FB there is a host that picks top 5 pictures of the day and I want to be one of them so bad.  So I try so hard to get a good shot that isn't
Lets see if I can get things done.
Have a great Valentine's Day.

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