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Monday, January 25, 2016

Cross our fingers

I found a job on line for the company I have been wanting to work at for about four years now.
It's called Arrowhead Products in Los Alamitos, CA
They are a aviation & aerospace product company.
I found them close to my home, but three years ago I took this other job doing element assembly. 
Today I applied for their assembler job, I also found an insulation fabricator on the site but, it was taken. For ten years I worked for Boeing doing that job.
This would be the best part of the new year to be able to work for this company.  I can put it on my list of finding my dream job.
Cross our fingers and hope the right person see's my resume and read's my past job history and gives me the chance to shine again!

Looks like unemployment didn't receive my paper work and it will be a few more weeks with no pay. I can see the light, the tunnel is just in arms reach.

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