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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Flash light on card game

Skip-Bo is my favorite card game.  I can play it by myself..I know I'm odd.
It's Sunday night and I pull out these cards and Princess P gives me that look...then say's, Okay I will play.  Yes, I love it when we play cards together.
I will let her cheat a little bit.
The game is getting good, she isn't bored, music is playing and then...the lights go out. 
Darkness in the kitchen.
With this old house, I'm use to it so I get up to find the flash light right where I put it.
The game must go on and it does, only with two flash lights on the table.
We can do this together, it's not so bad without electricity.
Twenty minutes later, the street has lights, and so does the Skip-Bo game.

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