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Friday, June 17, 2016

Pocket Letter

My very first Pocket Letter to send to my pen-pal in Ireland. 
I have seen these on "You Tube" and they always make it look so easy to make.
They are easy, it's just getting the stuff put together is the hard part.
This is the front.
You use baseball holders to start.
Then you can make a theme.  My theme is a little of this and that. 
This is the back where you can see all of the crafting supplies I put in the pockets.
I added washi tape to keep the pockets closed. It gives it a crafty look. 
I started out with a thought to have it purple & gold, but every thing started to become something else is cuter.
When you have nine pockets to fill, you go crazy with...maybe this, no do it this way. 
I used sticker letters to give it words.
Hello 2016 looked so cute together, even with it being the month of June.
I got the 2016 from Target dollar bin. 
Then I spelled out her name on the card and put the orange thingy on the out side.
It just seemed to need something on the outside too.
See what I mean, you start going crazy and this is only pocket #4. 
 I found the gold bow also at Target in the dollar bin.
I put "Read" on the card because inside the pocket is the letter to her.
I think this is my favorite pocket!
 Enjoy has a tea bag behind it.
She loves tea just like me.
This is the bottom.
I put paper clip of all colors with two coffee cup clips.
The next one has some ribbon.
The last one has pop up gray dots I found at Michael's for 49 cents!
I put washi tape on the top to keep the pockets closed and she will be able to reuse the tape. 
Just some fun stuff I found in the dollar bin.
I have no idea what she will do with that big anchor but, it so cute. 
 I love this tea.
She doesn't get this in Ireland.
 I wrapped it up like a little gift.
I love the card that says "So lucky to know you".
She can put it in her planner.
These where the extras I put in.  She said on her blog that America has better things for her planner. I hope these are something she can use.
I added a candy bar, what girl doesn't love some candy.
It's a little pricey to send but, so worth it.  I know she will put it on her blog.
I guess I should start showing the great things I get in the mail.
I have the best time going to my p.o. box, it makes me smile.

What have you been doing lately?
Somehow, I don't get comments so I'm thinking I pushed the wrong button somewhere.
I've been thinking lately to stop this blog because no body says anything.  But, then I look at the count and it looks like I have about 33 ppl who stop by.
Thank you to all of you and if you can tell me why I have no comments and how to solve that I would really like to learn.

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