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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

America the Beautiful

It's getting close to the month of red, white and blue every where.
I found stickers in the dollar bin at Target and had and idea to make this card.
The banner is a sticker that I put on card stock and cut around it.
Open the card and here it is, Happy 4th of July,  The flag is all paper. It wasn't hard lining it up.
I made six of these cards and sent them out yesterday. 
I really wanted these cards to all have star's on them, but after finding that banner I went a different way.
I like how this card turned out..cute.
I sent this one to my God Mother, I know she will like it.
My daughter said that G-ma has all the cards I have sent her in a box. OMG that's a lot of cards.

Happy Stamping!

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