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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bunco with the ladies

The second Friday of the month I go out to play Bunco.  I just started as a way to get out and explore the world.
I didn't tell you, it's also at the Senior Center.  Well, I found out last night that I'm really not old enough to be part of these groups.  There is an age and I'm not there yet!!
I won't even be old enough after this birthday. 
You get a name tag..Oh Boy!
They feed you a small meal.  Last night was cold pizza and salad.  Trust me I don't go for the food.
Then you get a score sheet.
With every round you get a new partner, can't play with the same person all night long.
By the end of the night you add up your "W" & "L".
As you can tell by all of my "L"..I win!
I won a $10 gift card at Target, my favorite store.
After going for now the third time, I have learn who to stay away from and who I can have a giggle or two with.
It's so funny, how at any age you find people just don't change.  I always seem to find the ones who maybe should have stayed home for the night because they should just stay in bed..hahaha

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