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Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Photo a day...Me today!

I just couldn't get myself to take a picture of lazy me.  I feel like a teenager today, getting as little as possible done...even with a list!!

So I got a little crafty here!

This really is all about "ME"
1. doing a photo a day challenge
2. always have a list of things to do
3. my wanna be artist in me
4. always have lipstick
5. nail polish is another have to
6. my reading glasses..need to go to the eye doctor soon!
7. my new JawBone exercise wrist band that tracks how badly I exercise.
8. the book I am listening to on it from the library.
9.the cute pink ear plugs so nobody can here what I'm trying to learn how to do on you tube..hahahaha
This is me on my last Saturday off from work in who know how long! This vacation has been the best!

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