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Monday, March 17, 2014

It's a Boy thing

Made this for a guy at work. His wife & I worked together for a while & she really didn't like me so...I'm sure this will be in the trash within an hour.
I used everything I already had so I didn't spend any cash on it, just time.
I love this page. Just have to write in the day this baby is born and put a few pictures and it's a great first page. 
This page I really used girl paper but, it still looks cute with the star for a picture frame. Also love the tag for writing something.
Great second page. 
1st. tooth page is always a must have in a album.  You try to remember the day and if you don't put it in a book it's lost for ever.
I love the blue stripe paper and the bottom has lines to write something.
Gotta love the giraffe's in a line, also from the girl paper pad. I still like how it looks on this page. 
First  step's with blue star's is a great touch I thought. Then I put a cuddle lion on the bottom.
The paper on the back side is so pretty but it didn't show up so good.
I thought this was good for the end.
I love the stars in  this album.
I made a little card for the back page, shown on the left. The ribbon is so pretty. It has silver on the edge, gives it a nice shine with the stars.
I really went into my boxes of stuff to make this cute even knowing its going in the trash.  Maybe she will regift it and someone else will enjoy it.
I realized I hadn't put my name on it, now that would have been the topper for her to burn 
This is always a fun project and it has so many fun treasure's in it.
I took a class in Upland, Ca at Stamping Fools with my daughter to learn how to make this. Way fun and now its on You

A few girls at work ask how many hours I worked on this...well, a stamper never tells that story, now do we!!!
This is my fifth one I have made..and I still struggle making it.

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