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Monday, March 3, 2014

Thank You in a Jar!

Thank mean's so much.  Just two simple words can say so much in time of sadness to oh happiness. 
I had fun making this card.  
If you are a stamper, you have these stamps.
I have made many cards with this flower stamp. I have used it with so many different colors too. I have struggled with using the jar.  I have never canned of jarred anything in my life so maybe that is my
I love the paper I used with this card.
Not sure who will get this card. 

Love these stamps..can do so much and learn so much about yourself with these.
They are old but, who care's. We love vintage.
I really made this for a challenge but have decided not to put it up on their blog this time.

Until next time..Happy Stamping!
                                                                                               Keep Smiling, My

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