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Monday, March 31, 2014

Chit-chat #2

Good Bye March 2014.
  But not so happy about tomorrow.
    Have you ever disliked a date in the year?  For me that would be April 1st. A day I would like to spend alone.  A day to do things new, something that I could make a difference in my own life, so when next year comes around I could remember what I did to make it challenge me to do better this year. A day to make a happy moment really make a difference. A day to celebrate, not a day to make fun of someone or remember the sadness something can make you want to scream..Oh hell to the no.
I guess it should be a cleanse day. A day to clear your head of unhappiness, or a day of move that thought out of your world, bring in the happiness train. 
April 1st. always hits me off guard unless I'm planning something good to do. My list for tomorrow always start with putting flowers in a new flower pot and watching a new life grow. A life lost shouldn't be remembered as a sad day forever or a relationship gone to the heavens, but a new flower to comfort your healing heart. It will also be a day to take a walk to end the day with lungs full of clear air and a head full of new adventures to be learned. A day to make my own happiness and maybe share a happy thought with someone else.  
Lately, I have found myself complaining of thing that I can change but, haven't put effort into changing them. Also, haven't asked for help to make them happen either. Now that its out there that I don't ask for help like most female's, something we learned early in life from the a big girl...I'm going to work hard at asking for help getting things fixed and completed in this ship wreck I call "life".
Sometimes in life we walk quietly in someones shadow that helps us hide this trait. Moving on is a hard task but, it's possible at any point of your life.
So, April 1st here I better look out I might become someone I've always wanted to be but was held back all of my life.
I hope you have a great month of April.
Keep smiling...My

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