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Friday, April 4, 2014

Road Trip to Santa Monica Pier

Welcome to California! It's April 4th, 2014, this is from the Santa Monica Pier.  The wind was cold but, the day out in fresh air was amazing.
I love to look at clouds and it was a day to be outside and look at the sky! 
The water was so pretty today. We had so much fun just enjoying the time on the pier.
People were out fishing, and the bring their dogs..why? 
The famous board walk in Santa Monica, CA.
You can't miss this when you are in the area.  It is also beautiful at night all lite up.  It's always a view the news use's to show the weather.
The wood board walk is uneven and Princess & I tripped a few times and laughed at each other.

This building has a carousel in it which was so pretty to watch.  We didn't go on it but went inside to get out of the wind for a little bit.
I also love the blue color on this will help me for the next months search.  
This is a sign I found on the pier. It shows all you can do on the pier.
Sun, fishing, family and rides.
We took a ride on the back of a bike and went down to Venice Beach. That was the best thing we did all day.  The guy told us about muscle beach and how it got started in Santa Monica.  A few ppl were out swinging from the rings and walking on the tight ropes. 
California Sea gull..this one is pretty clean compared to some of the ones I have seen at other beaches.
They have a sound like no other bird and will take your food in a quick swipe. 
Baby girl looking good sitting in the famous photo booth.
She is so much fun and so beautiful.  How I got so lucky I will never know!! 
Everyone try's to make money any way they can on the pier. These two take picture's with you for a price.
When I went to take this picture it looked like Mickey was proposing to Minnie..hahaha.
I put my camera on Princess shoulder and took the picture...they never knew. 
WE sure weren't going fishing that's for sure.  But had to take a cute photo like the rest of the ppl out there today.
Gotta love playing tourist!! 

Had to take a picture of these ppl trying to get the right pose.  But, who was the stupid woman who left her Louie out there on the ground where dead fish have been??
We helped these ppl take a picture with their camera. It turned out great for them
This is from the end of the pier.  It looks like I'm on the water but I really am still on that bumpy wood.
What a great day in Santa Monica.
My kids play this game that has this area in it, so now Princess P can tell her friends she was there today.

What a great day.  We also bought a sweat shirt with Santa Monica on it, along with a key chain.
Parking was only a dollar an hour..not bad! We saw other parking for $12 a day...ouch!

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