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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good bye April 2014

It's hot enough today to go surfing!!
You never would believe i would have a surf board parked in my living room but, with the smallest house in this town, somethings find a place in the oddest spots.

It's the end of April and I don't have everything done on my "to do" list...not at all a surprise. I could make a list of excuses but, then that would be another list to read.

I saw a interesting list to make. Name all the places you have lived.
Mine is pretty much on the boring side but here goes.
1. Pico Rivera, Ca
2. La Palma, Ca
3. Buena Park, CA
4. This unknown city, Ca


1. Mom and Dad's house

2.Part time with Todd
3. On my own with kids
4. In my car
5. In the smallest house ever

It really makes you think where you have been in life.

Tomorrow is May 2014.

Let's see how much I can get

I hear that challenge again!!

I could start with cleaning!! Cleaning out every cupboard, cleaning out the closets, cleaning out the storage unit, cleaning out car's, cleaning out the garden, cleaning oh cleaning.  Why is it easier to clean at someone else place then it is at your own place?
Maybe I should craft again and make some cards.  I really miss having mail. Getting a letter in my P.O. Box always makes me smile. I pay for this mail box I should use it better.
Getting a handle on exercise would be another challenge.  Just getting out on my bike would be a start. I can go off on my own, I have done it before.
Getting more sleep would be a huge challenge.  I found myself last week taking a nap that turned into a whole night of sleep.  I really felt better when I heard the brutal alarm.
Well, maybe I should chit-chat more on my blog and see if it gets me to do more!!
I have all night to think about what I should do for the month of May.
I use to think I should ask "May I help you?", but maybe it should be " May I help myself"?
What ever you get started doing I hope its a good month and if you get paid every other week like me, we get three check's...YES!!!
Keep Smiling it's working for you!
Until next time, Hugs, My

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