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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Time to share

It's a Lunar the middle of the night.
My camera or just me couldn't make a good picture.  But I saw it and then slept for two hours and went to work and while I was driving didn't think about looking to see if it was white again
My camera can do some odd things and this looks really I thought I would share it
Even thou its not the best picture..can you see a face? Maybe it's just me day dreaming looking at the 
My rose bush that I got for Valentines day.  SO excited that it bloomed!
Every time I take a picture of something on my door step, I find that the man next door's car is the focus  He is a lucky man to drive such a beautiful car and he deserves it.  I have the best neighbor ever.  They have the best parties like the one today.  They have a fun family
I have no idea what this plant is called but it has the best color. I'm going to try to cut a piece off and try it in another pot. I want more of these, it makes me smile.
It looks so big but it really isn't.  I might replant it so it will grow better.
I made this for the party today next door.  I think I did a good job.

I really hope you had a wonderful day.  It was so beautiful today and we had a great day out on the patio.
I'm so grateful to have my kids hang out and even thou the Easter Bunny doesn't come to our house anymore I still had a good day. Easter Bunny has come to our house for many years, I really miss the baskets. so I found a glass basket shaped like an egg at Goodwill so I bought it and put candy in it.
Have the best week ever and if you gave something up for 40 days enjoy it coming back.  I didn't give anything up, I did badly. I will try again!
Until next time, Keep Smiling you deserve it...My

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