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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A garden made for my parents

A place to make a garden, where the wind blows and tears flow for a sad day of a life gone to soon.
My parents have been together under this head stone since April 2005, not the spot I would have put them but, it's a place.
This time we decided to put a happy smile with red roses just for fun! 
My mother loved her garden so I always try to make it better every time I go there.
This time we used bird of paradise with that hawaiian flower she loved so much.  Then I made five flower pots and put five different flowers in them from me and my four pretty. 
The smile is so cute and the flower pot are so my mom.  I know this is what she would really enjoy. 
My dad passed away in July 1982, I was just out of high school, it was the hardest time of my life. He would have loved my kids.
My mom passed when my kids were so young and hadn't had anyone pass away that was this close to them, I was so lost for words and had so much to do to be strong.  I did poorly but they have great memories of her due to me always having her included in everything we did together. We kept her busy being Grandma-Mom.  For so long they called her "Mom" because I called her Mom.
Their wedding picture. They were married on Sept. 18, 1948 with a party at her best friends house the MacDonald's.  A family my mom always called her family. 
I see my daughter in my mom's face in this picture and everyday I see my mom in the mirror.
My dad loved my mom so much it was always in the air, they made a good life together away from all of their family. They started a family together and did it their way...the way it should be. Way to go Mom & Dad.
You are forever missed! 

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  1. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing.