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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three days into May!! Three days late on my challenge..oops!

 This little girl of mine has informed me that I am not good at "selfie's"....really, wonder why?
So with her amazing cell phone she is showing me how to do it.
Well my sweet little girl this month is for me..yes I am going to do things just for me.
After paying the cell phone bill that keeps you happy I will be doing for me so, here goes.
I can't believe I am trying this challenge.
If you know me, my life is all about my kids.  I will forever do with out for them goes.
The worst or maybe getting better and I just haven't looked in the mirror lately, picture of me.
On May 1st, I got my hair cut in this short on one side, long on the other side cut.
I like it.  It's going to take some time to make it right but, I'm up to it this month...or so I have convinced myself it is.
My son "Special K" said, you look like a dike. How did I know that was coming. 
On May 2nd, I bought myself a fish.  I haven't named it but I'm really excited about it. My $7 fish and so worth it.
I put it in my old Princess House glass bowl that I have had sine I was about 19 yrs. old. Don't know why it has survived all of my house moves and other things that I loved more and had less time are gone.
Must name this fish something fun. 

This poor fish, I take awful pictures but when its all fanned out it's so cool.
The truth is when I don't have my reading glasses on this is how bad I see. That's the truth.

Now it's day 3..I watched the Kentucky Derby and went for #12 Dance with Fate.  Fun name but, it didn't win, and that's ok.

This morning I took Princess P to zumba class, it's not for me but it makes me happy to see her dance.

I have had two wonderful days off from work and it has been really hot but, today has been so pretty. I made egg salad sandwiches and my kids and i went next door to share with our friends. WE have the best laughs with them. For my blog I need to name them, I think I already used her name but not his.
Tomorrow is Sunday May 4th. Gotta get up early and make a card.  My mail box really misses my friends.
Where ever you are I hope today has been amazing for you.
Until tomorrow have a great May 3, always keep smiling, My

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