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Saturday, May 17, 2014

She's off to PROM!

Such a beautiful girl and better if the picture was 

It's all about the dress!
Thanks to David Bridal.
It's all about the hair.

Love this comb.
Hair done by Mom! 
It's all bout the ear rings.

So pretty. 
It's all about the shoes.

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohls.

It's all about the flowers.

They did a great job. 
 These are her favorite color.
I missed taking a picture of his, they were amazing too.
They look like brother & sister but, they have been friends from the day they met at band camp.
He looks like his mom and is a mama's that! She looks like me and I love her sooo much.

Can't wait for them to comment on this picture during their class reunion.  
Love this picture.  He wasn't sure how to put these beautiful flowers on her wrist. Such a boy. 
Her very best friend from next door..Sunny Boy.
She went over to show his family her dress.
These are her dates family.  So she said good bye to them.  I don't know there names but I think there was one more.

Prom...priceless moments of  high school.  She went with the group of friends that have been together for four years..starting with band camp, color guard shows, foot ball games and the countless birthdays. Let's don't forget the car washes to make money to keep the show alive.
I am so happy I could afford to buy the dress and all that was need for this one in a life time day!

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