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Sunday, May 11, 2014

On a Mother's Day in my world

My little happy table that makes me smile.
My daughter sent me a card, and my neighbor next door gave me a card and candles.  Can you see my fish? My roses from my garden...they always make me happy.
We went out to my favorite hamburger place on a good burger and we went shopping for a few needed things, always so nice to find tax return cash in your account!!!
I have had a relaxing day just around home with the ones I love the most.

I hope you had a great day too!!

I said I was going to do things for myself this month and I have done a few things.
1. Yes I have cleaned out a few things..makes me feel better.
2.  I looked into being a bone marrow donor, sadly I found out that I'm to old..really!!
 3. I have done some good reading.
4. I went to get a extra house key and like my luck it doesn't much for going to Wallymart
I have asked ppl at work what could they suggest for me to do, and like most, they said go shopping.  I just want to do something that doesn't mean to spend money.
I think it's a bigger challenge then I thought it was going to be. but, I'm only 11 days in so I still have days to keep making it a "aMAYzing" month.
I think the best thing that has happen is...."drum roll"  I have 1016 hit's on this blog. That's  bigger then I ever to all of you...THANK YOU!
Have a great week, until I get back on here, so glad you where here! Always My

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