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Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy May 26

So many neighbors with their flags out today. It makes the street look so pretty.

It's a beautiful sunny day here. A great day to go for a bike ride and put on the sun screen!

So happy to have a day off.  I'm looking at things to start to do and then changing my mind.  Once I get the breakfast dishes done I'm going to polish my nails and then sit and drink a cold cup of tea and enjoy the moment.

Hope you have a great day off..that's if you live in the USA.
I'm going to enjoy the day and hope you do too.
I found a new blog to read.  This lady is like me trying to lose a few lbs. SO I left her a little note to say I know what your going through. I also told her my story on how I had to change gas stations because everytime I go to get gas and smell the goodness of fresh doughnuts I had to go get one and it was killing my goals!  Everyone has a weight lose story and I have a few more then I like to admit too.

Have a great day.  Until next time....Enjoy!

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