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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Paper bag album

I have a friend who loves to make things on her blog so we decided to make a paper bag album and see if others will make one too.
Here is the start of mine. 
I went with brown, not sure why! 
The paper bag is the middle part of this album.
You make a top flap and a bottom flap with card stock and attach it to the side of the bag where it has those two flaps.
Its all over youtube so you can go there and see what I'm talking about. 
This is the inside and I made tags to go into the opening of the bag, see the left side is the opening of the bag and the right side is the bottom of the bag.
I put love on the back of the tag to keep with the live love laugh theme. 
 Now all I need to do is put pictures in it an make it fun.
Since my oldest daughters birthday is coming up I might send it to her.  But, then I do have a bonus daughter who is having a birthday this month too so she just might get it for all of her fun stuff...I miss that girl.
This is the front cover. It needs some personality that's for sure.
This is the start of my paper bag album.
Hope you try to make one too.

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