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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Getting started seemed so easy, then life walked in and this fun blog had to be put on hold. Seem's unfair but it so my life.  I really wanna learn how to do this all by myself.  With time, yes I will!  Having four amazing kids along with a bonus daughter you would think I would get some help.  If it wasn't for my bonus daughter this blog wouldn't have any color and Princess P help put up the pictures.
Let's hope tomorrow they will find it in their hearts to teach me how to do this.
I have so many idea's to put on this blog.
I was looking at someones blog and she did this really fun challenge that use's a lot of fun things to do that would really teach me how to 1. use my camera 2. blog everyday 3. make a journal album.  It's a month type of fun. I'm going to get it started in January. That will start the new year off with something fun and teach me to grow. Get out of the box of ...should I..maybe next that's not me..all the things I say when deep down inside I really want to but don't wanna look like a dumb blonde!
So, I'm going to dust off my crafting supplies and get started on something fun in the morning and post it!
I have a rose bush full of beautiful roses that I can't wait to take a picture and share.  This rose bush is something I share with my amazing neighbor and friend. This house I moved into 13 months ago hadn't been lived in for a few years and she would keep it watered and cut the roses for herself. She told me this so, I said then we will share this rose bush. So when she wants a vase of roses she cut's them and when its full I make a jar and put them at her door. It's a great way to share a friendship and have roses in your house at the same time.
Time to go..Hugs, My

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