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Friday, April 1, 2016

That grocery store game

 At the grocery store I shop at they have this game and you get a game piece for shopping there.
Well, you have to buy certain products and you get them that way.
As you can see I am two away from becoming a millionaire.  Seem to be the story of my life.
But, I keep going back shopping, in hope's to find that one lucky game piece.
The other day I was standing in a line that wasn't moving to quickly.
I started talking to a man who was in front of me.
We made small talk about the covers of the magazines,  He said he reads the covers to have something to talk about.  I laughed and said, "Me too!" 
:The line moved and as he was about to leave, I said, "It was fun talking to you".  He smiled, and handed me all of his game pieces and said,"Good Luck".
I was so excited and thanked him.
He gave me 20 game pieces. They haven't made me a winner but, I feel like I missed out on having a new friend, just from making small talk.

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