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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good Bye 52..It was a worth it

Hard to believe it's been 52 weeks of being 52. I now must say good bye to this even number and moving on with 53.
I hope this new odd number will be kind, nice and helpful, along with a hopeful heart.
I have done many new things being 52.
I challenged myself to step out of a circle and be different, not listening to that voice of don't do it. I have done a lot.
I have cooked more, found fun where I would have never gone, wrote to a stranger and have made some big steps into the world of ageless worth.
On this last day of 52, I am feeling good about all I have done. There is more to life then getting dressed and making others happy. I have a lot more to learn about walking into a empty house. My goals will only get bigger and I will complete them without doubt.(Now that might be easier typed then done) LOL
We all need goals, dreams and brave moments of...I will do that.
Hugs to all that have laughed with me and wondered what will she do next week. 
Tomorrow starts a whole new year, let's make it out of this world fun.
Happy New Year and Cheers to another Happy Birthday!

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